Needle & Spoon

08 Nov

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson 

My dear Watson, It was with great relish that I feasted my eyes on your scribblings; I have of late experienced one of my periodic visits from the Black Dog – not the hellish hound we came up against in Dartmoor, of course, but that scourge of many a good man or woman, and no doubt of those of more dubious character also; this particular visit was an extended and lengthy trial for my poor, battered soul; many a night, and a few days, resulted in my renewing my acquaintance with the needle…

Yes, Watson, my resolve has been sorely tried and found wanting…however, I feel my spirits lifting at the thought of something to get my teeth in to….much like old Flo….if your particulars are to be believed…talking of particulars, how is your lady wife?

Did that last incident you mentioned ever come to Court? – I believe Lestrade was all set to go on the Witness Stand,with his Notebook a-quiver, and reveal all….much like your good lady, come to think of it…do not take umbrage, as you usually do – I merely jest, as nothing could dampen my spirits tonight, with the thought of a good Mystery – or three! – to drive the Shades of Darkness away, ironic as that might sound.

Haste ye to Mrs Hudson’s Hearth, man, as many a man has done before…as she let slip one evening, fuelled with the best Amontillado and Port…

Till we meet again, SH.
Crumpets obligatory.

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