The Elliot Ness Monster

08 Nov

From Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes Esq: 

My Dear Holmes
My thanks for last evening and the copious quantities of whatever it was that sent me into one of the deepest and most satisfying slumbers of my entire life! Please thank Mrs Hudson too for slipping her tasty crumpet into my waiting orifice just at the right moment.

I will ignore your comments about my good lady wife and press on with my news. I do have some recollection of our various discussions the other night, so I have taken the liberty of deciding on the case which I judge will best make use of our talents.

The Florrie Nightingale affair (vampires and so forth) seems to have been taken up by that teller of bloodsucking tales and all-round good sorts, Mr Bramuella Stokermoker (though I believe his publisher has insisted he shorten it to just Bram Stoker). Given that the missing sugar merchant has now been found in the arms of Lillie Langtry, I think our best bet would be to put our minds to the case of the Black Dahlia.

I have telegraphed Elliot Ness in regards to this affair and have this morning received a reply. As Ness is now somewhat run off his feet chasing the well-known gangster and nude ballet dancer Alfonse Capone, he would be most obliged if we could help out with the Dahlia case.

I have booked us onto the Pan-American “Yankee Clipper” which I understand is a 29-hour flight. The plane leaves from London Airport tomorrow evening, so I suggest we organise ourselves and meet at Baker Street late

Don’t forget your passport.
Yours, Watson

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