Citizen Hearst

09 Nov

From Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes Esq:

The Los Angels Hilton, California

My Dear Holmes

I am sending this note care of Elliot Ness, as I presume you have already inveigled yourself into his wife’s good books and are staying over for a second night. I miss you of course, as my scant knowledge of the Black Dahlia case could do with some refreshment. I trust your initial meeting with Mr Ness was fruitful and unearthed those vital clues that you and I so adore?

My own mission to speak with that baron of industry, Mr Randolph Hearst, unfortunately shed little light on our investigation. Hearst is a hearty fellow with a fine sense of humour (though some of his Americanisms were lost on me). He took me to dinner and then insisted we play a few rounds of golf before heading over to his mansion, the Casa del Mar, which is as huge a house as I have ever seen.

Though Hearst was an amiable host, he could only recount the rampant fairy-tales his newspaper has promoted as if they were the facts of the case, which clearly they are not. Sensationalism at its worst, I fear.

I am shortly going to head over to meet the family of Major Matthew Michael Gordon, Jr., who I understand was engaged to the victim. I doubt they can add anything to the mystery though, as they appear to have “closed ranks” on the whole thing.

Perhaps I may see you at dinner this evening?
Yours, Watson


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