Pressing Matters

11 Nov

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson

My dear Watson – I must offer you my sincerest apologies as to my lack of communication this past while; I confess I am dealing with several pressing and somewhat trying personal issues, and have not wished to burden you with these matters, attempting to deal with them in my usual fashion and according to tried and tested methods. Whether this timeworn path will lead to a satisfactory conclusion is anyone’s guess.

However I do have some thoughts on your communication, which I will divulge to your good self in due course. I do not intend to convey a sense of obfuscating mystery here – I am simply not at my best at the present moment, and would not wish to muddy the already murky waters with shoddy suppositions and observations. I trust Mrs Watson is taking good care of your personal requirements, or has she done one of her periodic disappearing-acts? – I only ask as I heard tell of some entertaining goings-on at one of the local Watering-holes, the descriptions of which appeared to mirror Mrs W.’s  M.O. somewhat…

If I have spoken out of turn, I apologise once again.

Your friend, SH.

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