Opium Dreams…

13 Nov

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

(Via carrier pigeon to the SS Montrose)

Watson – you cannot imagine the relief with which I am able to address my old friend in the pure, clean light of day – well, perhaps not pure and clean, but I’m sure you can appreciate the sentiment…I was beginning to believe that I would never again be in a position to do so; that never again would I feel the rain on my face, the gentle breeze, or even a howling gale battering my well-clad form, see and hear the denizens of our bustling streets, which up until now, I do believe I have taken for granted, and at times regarded with annoyance, or at best, mild irritation. Never again will I do so – or at least until this overpowering feeling of pure euphoria subsides.

I expect you will be wondering what the dickens – how Is the splendid fellow?! – I am wittering on about; you will be assuming I have been lost to the world in a drug-induced swoon, or have been interfering with your Medical Supplies again… Far from it – where I have been you would never have believed in your wildest dreams – you would assume I had entered the realms of Fantasy peddled by the likes of Coleridge and his ilk – the Opium Dreams of the Eaters and Scribblers…

Perhaps it is best I start at the Beginning….


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