Dances with Holmes

07 Dec

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

Watson – With my accustomed perspicacity, I deduced that your lack of communication must signal some lowering of spirits, and cognisant as I am of your marital situation, it did not take much investigation on my part to find the cause.

As I was making my way home late last night from visiting my brother Mycroft, I happened to pass a large and somewhat loud mob of what seemed to be persons of the lower classes, made up in the most part of the male persuasion, somewhat the worse for wear and alcohol, thronging round some questionable attraction; on wending my way closer to this spectacle, I found that it was none other than your good lady, providing a demonstration of the new dance craze from The Continent – The Can-Can; using her customary initiative, she had modified the routine slightly by omitting certain key elements – namely, undergarments; naturally, the Crowd were somewhat displeased when I waded in to their midst and removed the object of their attentions; and I have to admit that my ministrations were similarly underappreciated by the Performer herself.

However, as you know where my loyalties lie, I simply shut my ears to her litany of threats and profanities, and presented her to the Sergeant on Desk Duty, requesting that he let Inspector Lestrade know of her Admission.

I will be round presently with news which hopefully will provide some welcome distraction from your present brown mood – we are off to Balmoral!

Your friend, SH.

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