Room with a Phew…

08 Jan

From Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes Esq:

In continuation of my previous notes…

December 14th

I awoke this morning somewhat the worse for wear, having spent the night dreaming of spectres and ghostly goings-on which frightened me half to death several times during the night. I determined to share my experiences with my colleague and perhaps gain some insight into my night-time imaginings via his dream-explanation technique. However, when I negotiated the connecting door between my own room and that of my companion, I found that not only was Holmes not in his room, but his bed had not been slept in.

Initially, I thought he might have tarried with that reprobate John (mine’s-a -scotch) Brown, who occasionally scares the servants with his stories of long-legged beasties and the likes. However, I was told by the under-footman (or was it the over-understairs-man?) that Brown is spending all his time with some old queen in the village, so that theory was out the window.

I put myself in Holmes’ shoes. No, really – I put on his shoes and paced about the room looking thoughtful (as I’m sure Holmes would do in the circumstances). It was thus that I was able to retrace his steps, quite literally, via several tell-tale clues – Holmes’ deer-stalker on the edge of the bath; a large turd in the WC; traces of singed hair from my companion’s curling-tong activities; and most telling of all – a hand towel lying in a heap on the bathroom floor. Now, knowing Holmes as I do, I could not picture a scenario where he might allow a dropped towel to stay dropped. It was at this point that it occurred to me that I was wearing his shoes, in which case he had clearly left the room unprepared. In other words – he had been abducted.


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