19 Jan

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

(Delivered by carrier pigeon to a slave ship somewhere in the North Atlantic…)

Watson  –  I cannot believe you have allowed your pig-headed stubbornness to lead you by the nose into such a foolish, and need I add, potentially fatal situation! Whatever did you think you were doing, man? – you knew we were dealing with Dangerous Forces here – you knew we had to prepare thoroughly and in the most minute detail before declaring that The Game was On, yet, despite – despite! – all these conditions, you decided to plunge in, most probably right up to the Hilt, with only that Nincompoop Stevenson by your side. Need I add that I am dismayed, and not a small part, disappointed that you chose to avail yourself of his companionship, rather than wait, such a short time, until my head was thoroughly clear and my wits completely back to their fighting mettle; I can only add that I am somewhat hurt, also, at your decision.

Nevertheless I will do my very best to come to your rescue; it will prove no small task, however, therefore you Must do all you can to protect yourselves in the meantime. I Still cannot believe that you have allowed yourselves to be captured, and are now on your way to the East, bound and gagged, no doubt, in the hold of one of the most notorious White Slave ships our times have ever witnessed, in the company of one of the most feckless and reckless of men.

God Help You Both…


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