The Moon’s a Balloon…

15 Feb

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:


You can lick your wounds later – we have more pressing matters at hand – I have just received an urgent summons from our old friend, Hennery Baskerville – he believes himself to be in imminent danger, from tonight’s Full Moon and urges us to join him at Baskerville Hall. Are you up for it, or has your wife made plans (being an aficionado of this ridiculous new¬†Celebration…whose name I cannot bring myself to inscribe….)?

If you are able to join me, call round at your soonest convenience…Hudson has made a confection in honour of the day…she is a hopeless Romantic, as you know (I believe it involves Parma Violets, Sugared Almonds and a creature, supposedly Cupid, hovering over a naked Female Form). That should be sufficient to draw you round.

Your rather nauseous,



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