Conan Doyle the Barbarian…

28 Feb

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

Watson  –  I am sorry to drag you away from whatever delights your good lady wife has arranged for this weekend, but I regret to inform you that we have been summoned urgently to that new edifice of ridiculousness (Royal Albert’s Folly it should have been called…) by various dignitaries, to the aid of that Bungler, Conan Doyle, who has got himself in to yet another pickle….this time involving several rather large gentlemen of massive brawn, various items of equipment, and a performing dog.

I believe he was on the Judging Panel of that pointless exercise staged therein, to the raucous delight and hysterical glee of the lowest orders of Society, who have flocked from far and wide, to goggle and marvel at acres of rippling, well-oiled muscle, bulging biceps and tendons a-torqued, as the participants strive and strain to be crowned “Strong-man of The Year”.

Thinking aside, perhaps you should bring your good lady along, as it sounds just her cup of tea; then again, we require no Extra dilemmas to solve, therefore make sure you breathe not a word to her of your destination.

Awaiting your arrival, your friend, slightly peeved,


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