In recognition of my Tardiness…

04 May

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

Watson – I ask you to bear with me, as my debilitated, febrile condition may lead me to make some errors in my missive, as the last few weeks have taken a heavy toll on my already weakened state; I trust you are well, and finding small comforts in your daily round – I fear the terrible things I have witnessed and endured duringĀ these unimaginably awful times have affected my thoughts somewhat, and caused a distasteful sentimentality to intrude on my usual lack of quotidian emotional sensations – hopefully, this will pass in due time….I cannot imagine how I would cope with such a Plebeian state – it is too horrendous to contemplate…

As it is, I have a Story to relate, but will require you to bring yourself round to my humble abode, as I have not recovered sufficiently to leave my quarters; Mrs Hudson has been a stalwart constant during my recovery, and has again gone beyond the Call of Duty in her unswerving efforts and ministrations, in the face of my patience-stretching stubbornness and infuriating bloody-mindedness – you can imagine what the woman has had to put up with…She is, without a doubt, One of a Kind.

I hope you can forgive my lack of communication before now, but as you will learn, should you be prepared to resume our Friendship and join me tonight for Hudson’s finest offering of Baked Goods and Comestibles, the reasons for my disappearance will become clear..

Yours, in recognition of my Tardiness, SH.


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