Balmoral Daze…

11 May

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

Watson –  If you are reading this, my Missive has finally reached its destination; however, my hopes are not high of such a successful outcome, as the Ghillie whom I entrusted with my desperate scribblings was, I fear, in a massive state of intoxication, and could barely propel his form in a forward upright motion; nevertheless, I shall attempt to enlighten you as to my whereabouts.

In all honesty, the chances of my being found alive are very slim, as my body’s vital fluids are being drained as I write, and the weakness and feebleness are now spreading by infinitesimal degrees towards my cerebral functions and I am finding it increasingly hard to keep my mind on the subject-matter in question. Should you, by the tiniest chance, have received this, and are digesting my words now, I beg you to follow my instructions to the letter, and arm yourself with your trusty piece, take plenty of ammunition, and use the skills garnered from your years in the wilds of the Hindustani foothills, as my jailers are hardened desperadoes, inured by years of callous acts of violence – Evil Incarnate – and would think nothing of adding yet another innocent victim to their back-catalogue of Carnage.

I am being held underneath Balmoral Castle – the entrance to this vast underground warren is at the back of the Cold Pantry next to the Housekeeper’s quarters – I will put my trust in your Physician’s deductive intuition and hope you can follow the trail before it has grown too cold.

Your friend, much weakened, SH.

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