On Bicycles and Doughnut Holes…

22 May

From Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes Esq:

Further to our meeting at Baker Street, I have booked us on the 8:50 to Leicester tomorrow morning, which should get us there in time for an early lunch with Marshall Hall. We can go over the facts of the case, such as they are, on the outward journey, though I have already come up with a catchy title for it (should we succeed in solving the puzzle and its denouement be submitted in due course to The Strand magazine): The Extraordinary Case of the Green Bicycle Murder. Good eh? I’ve also telegraphed Hall to have Ronnie Light made available for your examination at some point tomorrow.

On a lighter note, my lady wife (despite your constant jibes) has set herself the chore of equalling Mrs Hudson’s crispy doughnuts. I dare not tell her this is a pointless task, but I’m sure you’ll excuse me if I nevertheless feign high praise upon my wife’s perfect holes. (You might like to bring along some of Mrs Hudson’s creations all the same, in case my good lady’s portals prove inedible).

I shall call for you in the morning in good time.

Yours, as ever



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