Spirited Away…

10 Jun

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

Watson – I am aware that we are due to visit with the fellow Condomine, regarding the disturbances chez lui, which he believes to be caused by his wife…who has actually passed over to The Other Side, as our friend Arthur would say…but I have just received an urgent telegram from a chap, declining to give his name – simply stating that he is one half of The Dangerous Brothers or some such…a Variety Act, perhaps…who requests our services in attempting to solve the mystery of the recent disappearance of his other half (of this association); he claims that they had been residing at an address in London, along with several other persons, and he is convinced that one of the rooms in this building is actually a Portal to another dimension, in to which he believes his partner has unwittingly strayed.

He concedes that we might find this Idea to be somewhat preposterous and highly unlikely, but he is adamant that this is the case. In the event that he should turn out to be an escaped Inmate from Master Douglas’ Institution, or some other poor, deluded soul, I request that you come prepared with sufficient supplies of Narcotic and Sedative drugs to do the necessary – and No, I am not talking from Self-Interest here, in case your naturally suspicious antennae have started quivering….these fellows can have considerable strength when cornered, as you well know from our several and varied forays in to these areas…

Also, this diversion will thankfully delay our Dealings with Madame Akari/Arkati whatever the Devil the woman’s nomenclature… no doubt the ridiculous creature will certainly pop up at some point in the proceedings…

Your friend, SH. 

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