From the Dark Side…

25 Sep

from Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

It is with the utmost relief that I have regained the capacity to use a pen. I have been to Hell and back in the last 48 hours. I thought I would never again see or hear your familiar features and gruff yet soothing cadences – do not ask where I have been or what degradations I have been through – I am doing my utmost to wipe the shameful details from my internal memory bank. I ought to have heeded your advice to decline Stevenson’s invitation to embrace my dark side.

Watson, you have no idea of the horrors that lurk in the recesses of the psyche when unleashed and unfettered – aided and abetted by substances and unholy impulses. Stevenson maintained I was helping him test some theories in his Research towards a forthcoming opus, regarding the primitive impulses which reside in each of us, thinly veiled beneath the civilised veneer. I will tell you more once I have recovered slightly.  

Your penitent friend and fellow- explorer.  

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