The Lighthouse Family…

05 Oct

from Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:
Thank you, my dear Watty, for your inestimable help re. the humiliating recent episode – it simply proves that even the stoutest fellows can be seduced in to complying with these charlatans’ party tricks – it will take all my powers of the Thesps’ Arts to convince the Bounder that I was merely toying with him.

By the way, it means a lot to me, your giving the Devil a good seeing-to. He is a man of great persuasions, that Stevenson – to resist going in to the Family Business took a lot of Determination – I do believe at one point, they chained him to one of the most desolate Lights they Own – on a rocky outpost, surrounded by the Raging Waters of the North Sea – and still he refused to give in…you have to admire such fierce Strength of Will and Steadfastness of Mind – the man can make you believe Black is White should it suit his purposes. A man could make a Fortune from such gifts and attributes, had he a mind to.

On a lesser note, Watson, leave the Muffins chez vous – your wife is an abysmal Cook – I have Muffins Galore on my own premises – Hudson’s Muffins have won Prizes, as you know. However, I appreciate the thought.


Your constant colleague and friend, SH.

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