Baltimore Diaries…

18 Jan

from Dr J Watson to Sherlock Holmes Esq:

From the diary of Doctor Watson

Our first port of call on arriving in Baltimore, was to visit Inspector D’bignose at the Police Department. The inspector went over his theories concerning the death of Mr Poe, while entertaining us with various anecdotes about his fellow officers. Holmes began to grow a little weary of these stories and at length advised our friend that perhaps he “might proceed to the actual point?”

The inspector then went on to tell us how between September 28 to October 3, his investigations could not prove conclusively whether Poe died by his own foolish behaviour, by an illness, by a gang of political hooligans, or at the hands of a cold-blooded killer. Though, he added, it was his own theory that ‘something wicked this way comes.”

Holmes smirked and muttered something along the lines of how Americans always quote Shakespeare at the most inappropriate times.

Inspector D’bignose flushed. “I was merely supposing, Mr Holmes, that whoever done for Mr Poe may still be out there.” He peered around suspiciously, as if a murderer might be lurking round every corner. “Waiting for his next unsuspecting victim.”

Holmes snorted. “I suggest we move on, Inspector. Watson and I will question Dr Snodgrass.”

And with that, Holmes turned on his ever-so-gallant heel and walked out into the street. After a moment he re-entered the room and coughed. “Where exactly can we find Dr Snodgrass, Inspector?”

The Inspector scribbled an address on a piece of paper and handed it to Holmes. After the latter had again departed, the policeman gave me a baleful stare. “Just between you and me, Doctor, I’d keep an eye out for your companion – if there is a killer out there, he might come a-knock knock knocking at your chamber door.”

I thanked him for his help and hurried off after Holmes, wondering if it was the Inspector himself who was responsible for the murder – if indeed, one had been committed.

To be continued


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