Baltimore Diaries (Again-illy)…

31 Jan

from Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson:

Watson – I have been doing a little digging concerning D’bignose and his associates…I fear we have stepped in to a veritable Vipers’ Nest of Political Intrigue, Skullduggery and Matters which should not be brought in to the Public Arena. I fear poor Poe was getting too near to exposing these corrupt and, yes, evil people, masquerading as Public Citizens and Guardians of the Peace, and paid the ultimate price for his Investigations.

I believe our very Lives are in danger, also, and we must therefore proceed with the utmost Care and Caution, looking over our shoulders at every turn, and ensuring our finely-honed senses and famous Antennae are tuned to the highest setting.
Did you by any chance pack your Special Supplies and Artefacts, as they assuredly would prove themselves Extremely useful in this instance? – I trust you also have brought your Ancillary Bag, with its contents. I believe, Watson, that we have entered in to a Case, which may prove to be our most Dangerous yet, fraught with Terrible Happenings, and Frightful Peril. For once, your legendary Warnings of Doom may be well-founded, but before we can even attempt to start our enquiries, we must locate Barnaby and that Dolt of a Sergeant, who went off 2 hours ago – to “Reconnoitre the Locality” – doubtless we will find them legless and devoid of dignity in some Hostelry or other…or Worse.

Therefore, it falls to us to search the Area, without entering in to similar difficulties…I realise that will be fairly hard to accomplish, but attempt it we must….Meet me outside “The Gibbet and Post” in 30 minutes, ready to venture forth in to the fray.
Your friend, SH.

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