The Flaming Locks of Florence…

21 Jun

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Doctor Watson:

(By Morse Code, via Major Tom)

Watson –
Whatever you do, make sure the Premises are secure – whatever means you can find to turn the building in to a Fortress – do so – your lives may depend on it; I am working on a Plan to rescue yourself and the others. By the way, do not reveal any salient information to Miss Machine – I have a sneaking suspicion she is not what she seems. I am sure I have seen those flaming-red locks in the company of our Arch Nemesis, which leads me to the conclusion that she is mixed up to an incriminating degree in this Horror.

Have you heard me talk of Big Jack Horner – the veteran Palaeontologist from Montana USA? He has been attempting to turn a domestic chicken in to nothing less than The Terrible Lizard (extinct, I know), Tyrannosaurus Rex for as long as I can remember – we all thought he should be rubbing shoulders with Away-With-the-Fairies Richard Dadd in the Insane Asylum, but it looks as though he may have been helped along his twisted plan by none other than Moriarty’s interventions. Much as it pains me to contemplate such things…I know I have perhaps caused your brain cells to collide in confusion with these revelations, but I do indeed think that this is the Cause of your calamitous situation.

Whatever you do – do Not venture Outside.

Your friend, feverishly formulating a Way Out,


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