Watson Has Left the Building…

27 Jun

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Doctor Watson:

(By Telegram to Cabot’s Cove)

I thought I had made my position absolutely clear as to the Real and Present Danger of venturing outwith the School Buildings – do you honestly believe that I say anything which is not based entirely on fact-based supposition? Have you still not grasped this simple truth, in all the years we have been fighting Crime and Corruption; after all the Situations we have found ourselves in together, hard up against the ugly Face of Depravity and back to back against the most Venal and Ruthless Individuals, hell-bent on forcing their twisted and dissolute Will on the innocent and unblemished Countenance of this Fair Land.

I know I wax lyrical, Watson, but I have been doing some serious Reflection, and I do believe that, at heart, we are a decent Nation, compared with some of our Global Cousins…..but I digress……I cannot believe you were stupid enough to leave the safety of the Buildings – whatever were you thinking? You knew I was on the Way. It is just a blessing that Major Tom had witnessed your rash and foolish action, and sent a Message via his patented Unmanned Gyroscope to nearby Cabot Cove, to the residence of the wonderful Jessica Fletcher, Novelist and Amateur Sleuth, who has been clever enough to solve several Local Mysteries and Criminal Acts, thus earning herself a number of accolades and Mentions of Honour in the Criminologists’ Code of Conduct; Ms Fletcher, alerted to your Self-inflicted Dilemma, was immediately able to Summon help from the nearby Light Aircraft Fanciers Society, who subsequently came to your Aid.

Now that you are all safely being put up by the helpful residents of Cabot Cove, I can concentrate on solving this Case…without having to worry about your actions…by the way, no-one was taken in by your explanation for Ms Hedren’s state of undress when you were rescued, Watson –  one does not have to remove that many garments in an asthma attack.

Your somewhat irritated colleague, SH.

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