Behind the Scenes at the Asylum…

03 Sep

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Doctor Watson:

Watson – you know I am not one for effusive praise, but I have to congratulate you on the quick thinking and modicum of initiative demonstrated in your recent actions. When you realized the jolt from the capsized vehicle had resulted in Memory Absence, your decision to bring our old friend and trusted confidante RLS to the Convalescent Home was nothing short of a Light-bulb Moment; despite your having to use some effort to distract him initially from “conducting research” for his latest novella, as he likes to call the wretched scribblings.

When you finally managed to drag him away from some gruesome treatment or other and focused him on my predicament, it worked like a Charm –  how such an airy-fairy, wool-gathering nincompoop can be so gifted in the new Science of Mesmerism escapes being pinned down by the Rational Process, but however he does it, the results speak for themselves. I was instantly jolted back to my Old Self, with the recent events seared in to my brain as though by some burning device – the Remembrance of Times Just Passed caused my synapses to spark off each other like Dr Frankenstein’s Resuscitation Machine, only with less ghastly consequences.

I will Begin…..


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