Curiouser and Curiouser…

17 Nov

To Sherlock Holmes Esq from Doctor Watson

Dear HolmesThe_Mask_of_Fu_Manchu_by_Sax_Rohmer_-_Illustration_by_Ron_Lesser_-_Pyramid_Books_F-740_1962

I received a curious package in my morning mail today, containing what appears to be an account of the adventures of my recent captor, Mr Fu Manchu. The report is in the form of a novel by some chap named Sax Rohmer (clearly a foreigner) who details the antics of the zealous Chinaman and his plan to ‘take over the world’.

The book was apparently sent to me by one Mr Nayland Smith, who is currently Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard. My dilemma, as you will no doubt have guessed, is that Nayland Smith is himself a character in the book!

I am sending the complete package to you via my errand boy, Loose Lennie, in the hope that you can fathom out exactly what is afoot (for surely some sinister plan is in the offing).

I remain yours,

Rather worriedly


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