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Sussex Bound (with gun)…

from Sherlock Holmes Dr J Watson:

Be ready to depart presently – the old man is aware that we are interesting ourselves in his affairs – and slip your Eley’s No. 2 in to your pocket, John, as this is a case which could  very easily plunge us in to peril.   As you witnessed, Miss Stoner is a woman brought to the edge by the ever-present fear by which she is surrounded daily, thanks to that brute of a man, Roylett. If my suspicions are correct, this will be one of our most dangerous encounters yet, therefore I need you clear-headed and alert – therefore do not dally at Mrs Dipwick’s Establishment before showing up, ready for whatever may be thrown our way – baboons and cheetahs are one thing, Watson – fallen women are a step too far, in the present circumstances.

Your intimate friend and associate, SH.

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