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Up, Up and Away…

Up, Up and Away…

From Sherlock Holmes Esq to Dr J Watson 

Watson – Apologies for my absence, but as you read this, I will be sharing anecdotes and tales of derring-do with a pleasant young gentleman named Fogg, who is conveying me above the hurly-burly, up, up and away in his rather fine contraption, powered solely by hot air…(why has a vision resembling your good self suddenly popped into my head?) That aside, he has reassured me that it will be quite a simple matter to deposit me at our rendezvous chez Mr Ness.

Mr Fogg is attempting to circumnavigate the globe in a mere 80 days; incredible as this may seem, he has the air of a man who has already achieved this objective, and his confidence and enthusiasm is infectious, therefore I will see you before too long.

Incidentally, Mrs Hudson was prevented from rustling up her famous crumpets for your visit, due to an urgent summons regarding an ailing relative, which causes me to wonder what was slipped in to your orifice.


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